NIU.IAM ASAPay Darion Setareh Chabok


One of the vital concerns of every business is the security of its data and controlling the access to different parts of the system. NIU.IAM ensures the security of your systems while providing the first-class performance and response time. By allowing you to create users in a centralized manner, supporting single-sign-on, and benefiting from identity federation feature, this solution helps your systems to be more organized, and consequently, perform better.


Currently, a huge capacity of card-based transactions within the online banking networks is engaged in micropayment that can enforce a great deal of expenses on banking businesses. NIUniverse proposes an offline digital wallet to handle micropayments transactions through assured, simple, and accelerated payments, thus the name ASAPay. Not only does ASAPay transfer this amount of transactions to offline infrastructure, but also provides a solution for the problem of ‘change money’ since it is a digital incarnation of money and can be divided to the currency unit.


Dynamic passwords have proven to be a more reliable and secure approach for authentication purposes than static ones. One of the most typical forms of dynamic passwords is OTP. The OTP solution provided by NIUniverse is called Setareh, which presents three approaches for accessing an OTP, including mobile app, token device, and online (via SMS, email, voice, social media).


Instant card issuance means the process of card generation and activation is done immediately after receiving customer’s request for card issuance. Despite the fact that this service is very popular in Iran, it is not commonly used worldwide and has many limitations.
Having studied the most popular solutions worldwide and after careful analysis of Iran banking architecture and recognizing its main and basic requirements, NIUniverse presents a more convenient instant issuing solution, called “Chabok”, which is designed by observing banking rules and regulations of the Central Bank of Iran and taking into account international switches’ features and specification.


Considering the great importance of utilizing state-of-the-art technologies in payment businesses and the necessity of providing adequate infrastructure for the development of the banking business, the project of developing a channel with the capability of converting different protocols into each other, providing various services, and defining workflows within the channel was deemed essential. By addition of an IAM module to this channel, NIUniverse development and analysis team provided the channel with access management capability as well. In better words, the collection of an ESB, its adaptors, and IAM form the integrated banking channel called Darion.

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